Hills Farm Estates

Hills Farm Estate  has long been one of the most sought after subdivisions in Shrewsbury, MA.  It was started in the late 1980’s on the site of the old Ed Hills mansion, on Route 20. The original plans called for a host of Claud Miguel inspired contemporary homes, a few of which were constructed on Cherry Hill Rd.  When the market turned, however, things came screeching to a halt, and the builder, Joe Farrell, found that those plans were far more complex to build than the masses were willing to pay for. Going back to square one, they shut down the subdivision for a bit, and redesigned the plans to be more affordable to construct, albeit a bit less unique in their presentation that those wild contemporaries would have been.

The quality was always excellent, and the fact that the homes were small, actually became an asset, as it was one of the only places in the region where you could get an affordable, newer home, again largely just due to size.

Over the years since then, Hills Farm Estate in Shrewsbury went through at least 8 different building phases, before finishing up with the homes on Deer Run and Thistle Hill. Towards the end of the HIlls Farm development, the homes began to grow a bit larger, getting away from the 1500sf range, and moving up to plans that were well over 2000sf.  Of course, as with many developments, over time people put on some amazing additions to their property, including finishing basements, adding rooms over the garage, and even putting substantial additions off the back of the house.

Among the many highlights that Hills Farm has to offer potential Buyers, is a close-knit community that has within it’s boundaries a playground, a fully stocked pond, and even a baseball field.  One thing that very few people know about though, is a hidden spot within the development, much of which is on private property, that has the most amazing sculpture gardens you’ve ever seen.  You’ll probably have to move there, to be able to find out where it is, but I’ve been there many times and it’s a hidden gem.

Below are the available listings located in the Hills Farm Estates sub-division.  If the page is blank, there are no listings currently available.  Check back shortly for a detailed list of properties sold over the past 3 years for the Hills Farm Estates Sub-division.

If there isn’t anything to your liking above, you can search the rest of the full MLS database at THIS LINK.

In terms of historical pricing, I went back five years and the following will show you what prices have done since 2010.

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Lastly, I often know about new listings coming on the market, long before they actually do.  If you email me and tell me what you’re looking for, I may even already have one in hand that others don’t know about.  You can reach me at  [email protected]

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